Katie Gohres + Andrew Kelo – ROOTS (Rising Over Obstacles Through STEM)


Katie Gohres

Katie’s interest in STEM fields was first sparked after hearing stories of her father’s travels around the globe as a chemical engineer, and this curiosity was then cemented into a passion after her first summer at the IIT-Boeing Scholars Academy in 2011.

Within her high school community, Katie is a Math Team member, helping Walter Payton College Prep take 6th in the Illinois’s highest division in 2012, an NHS math tutor, and has participated in a myriad of sports and other extracurriculars, such as running in Varsity Track, competing in JV volleyball, and giving a not-so-memorable performance as a hedgehog in Payton’s production of Alice in Wonderland.

She plans to study Biomedical Engineering this upcoming fall.


Andrew Kelo

Andrew began his high school career like any normal freshman, confused and excited. Yet as the years went by, Andrew discovered many things about himself. He discovered a passion for performance, and became an active member and actor in Payton Players, his school’s theatre ensemble. He overcame a lifelong aversion to singing, and became a member of his schools concert choir, and men’s a cappella ensemble. Yet, most importantly he realized a passion for studying the mind.

Andrew’s interest in the brain began in 8th grade when his dad had a stroke. Driven by a desire to understand his dad’s situation and possibly figure out how to help him recover faster, Andrew began to research the nervous system. His dedication to studying the mind has not waivered over the years, and has led Andrew to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Neuroscience, so that he can continue to do research on the brain throughout his career.


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